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Picking the right template for your website comes down to a few factors.  What are your goals, how are you directing business to your website?  What is your target market?  This are a few factors that can weigh heavily when picking a direction. 

Once you buy your hosting plan, we can migrate you current website. For the people who are starting their journey, you will need to look at web builders.  This means the platform in which you website will be created in.  Layer 1 hosting, layer 2 WordPress, layer 3 hosting designer, layer 4 will be your template.

Recommendations: Elementor or DIVI,

  • It is important to pick a site builder that has a wide degree of support. Everyone has a time where they need a specialist for a feature.
  • Both of these builders offer AI for a cost.  The AI helps save time and get you thinking. It is very helpful.
  • If you are building your site on your own, DIVI is a better choice with less learning curve.
  • If you are depending on a professional to build your site with great detail in mind, Elementor is the better choice.

Website Builder

Next: You will need to find a template to get started with.  We strongly recommend you pick a template that is up to the current PHP standard, 8.1 is the current PHP.

Template sites:  We have taken the time to collect some options for templates.

  • Divi: Divi-life nice templates but out dated php. These templates were written on 7.0 php, Divi Express These templates are more up to date,
  • Elementor: Theme Forest, this is a great theme company 
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